10and5 invited a handful of illustrators to produce a custom book cover for what would be their imaginative or fictional autobiography. Each designed piece is a preview to their personal narrative. The results are artworks that are thoughtfully apt, original and enticing. Shaun Hill, Bianca Brand, Bradley Naicker, Thulisizwe Mamba and Ndumiso Nyoni demonstrate their talents for typography, illustration and graphic design below. ...
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Ndumiso Nyoni is a Zimbabwean-born illustrator and motion graphic designer, currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Ndumiso has a passion for mixing African social themes with contemporary media. His work is inspired by his love for Africa, its heritage, its diverse cultures and its people. His goal is to create art that will represent Africa in a positive and progressive a light.
Ndumiso Nyoni is a motion graphic designer and illustrator based in Johannesburg. Working a nine-to-five at Luma Animation Studios, a discussion with colleagues on individual identity and culture reminded him of a hip hop slang “Keeping it one hunnid”, a term that expresses the notion of keeping "it real" and staying true to oneself... Read More
Thursday Talent with Illustrator and Motion Graphic Designer Ndumiso Nyoni... Read More
In partnership with Cape Town creative conference Design Indaba, we are highlighting the work of South African creatives on our blog over the next few weeks. Here, Ndumiso Nyoni, a motion graphic designer and illustrator based in Johannesburg, discusses his series of prints celebrating African subcultures... Read More
Ndumiso's aptly-titled, self-love promoting project, (Keep It) One Hunnid is featured in Conté Magazine's 4th issue. Conté Magazine. This Magazine is a collection of portfolio worthy art, design, and creative writing. 
Conté have crafted engaging and entertaining content that both inspires and educates its readers and further more other up and coming Creatives Nationally. To grab a copy of this issue check out contemag.com
Ndumiso Nyoni has been interested in drawing from an early age. In primary school he was part of the Art Club and in high school, took up art as one of his subjects, later going on to study Multimedia Design at the University of Johannesburg. The artist now works as a motion designer and illustrator. Ndumiso’s work combines vibrant colours, bold textures and geometric shapes with African social themes.
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